Technical features


GLASS – the decentred 9-base lenses offer 100% UV protection, they are shockproof, scratch-resistant, and lightweight


GRIP TECHNOLOGY – robust, soft and anti-slip rubber padding of arms and nose pads ensures a perfect fit with no pressure points – the material is dermatologically skin-friendly


COMFORT AND FOAM INSERT – the easy-fit foam insert prevents impaired visibility and also ensures an optimum, comfortable fit


TWO SIZES – the model is available in two different sizes – individual, for even greater comfort


ARM SWITCHING SYSTEM – the simple system allows you to fit an adjustable, flexible headstrap instead of the arms


ANATOMICALLY ADJUSTABLE ARMS – arms can be adjusted to the ideal position to increase comfort and guarantee a secure fit for any sports activities


INTERCHANGEABLE LENS SYSTEM – change sun protection lenses for optimum light conditions


CORRECTIVE OPTICAL CLIP (OPTIONAL) – an easy-to-fit clip system for individual glazing with corrective optical lenses – ideal accessory for athletes requiring optical lenses


ANATOMICALLY ADJUSTABLE NOSE AREA – the individually adjustable nose rest ensures perfect, reliable fit without any pressure points – the specially designed nose area prevents glasses from slipping


DECENTRED LENSES – decentering the optical centre of lenses allows optimum, undistorted vision despite a highly wrapped frame


MATERIAL – the frame and optical clip are made of lightweight, flexible TR90 CRILAMID that maintains its shape in all temperature conditions


VENTILATION SYSTEM – the ventilation system built into the glasses ensures optimum circulation of air and prevents the lenses from fogging up quickly


ERGONOMY – the face-hugging curvature of the glasses ensures optimum all-round vision – ideal protection for the eyes thanks to ergonomic fit for the shape of the head

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Technical Features

The main emphasis of JILL is on functionalism and convenience. That’s why all JILL sports sunglasses have the same special functions (highlighted on green background).

The JILL Extreme model has two extra features to assist the wearer in various extreme situations (highlighted on red background).

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